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Earn by giving fans extra value.
Sell artifacts, raise money, receive gifts.

Connecting the needs of creators and their fans

Tingz are monetization tools that build closer relationships with your fans and give them more opportunities to fund you.

Don’t create
business — create content. We’ll handle the rest.
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  1. Twitch
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This is Colin 9K.
His fan bought the t-shirt from his Taylor Swift parody video for $100. Look how them compete at his Tingz auction!

One page
for all

Set up widgets on your personal Tingz page and add it to your link in bio service.

Promote it to your fans and watch the action happen

Sell unique items

Best for creators on

Anything connected with you and your content is valuable to your fans.

Sell a t-shirt from the viral video, a plush toy that is always near on your streams, or something you crafted in your last tiktok. Fans will go crazy about it and rush to obtain the prized item.

Your supporters can set their own price to show who’s the biggest fan

Forward it to us and we’ll handle all the shipping to your fan. Fancy packaging and complete privacy included.

Fully anonymous for you and your fans

Auction off on streams

Best for streamers on

Trade unique engagements for the highest bid.

You can involve your fans further by creating live auctions on your streams. It could be an hour of gaming with you or the neon sign in your background.

Auctions increase engagement and complement your content

Receive gifts with wishlist

Best for creators on

Get money for gifts in minutes. Anonymously.

Add anything you wish for: monthly rent, a new ring light for next videos, or that drip footwear. Fans choose how to treat you and we credit the money to your account.

You can record a thank you video to every fan who gifted something from the wishlist!

No revealing your address or getting a PO Box

Spin the wheel

Best for creators on

Launch the moneymaker. Get profit hands free and entertain your superfans.

Set-up a win-win wheel with extra content and gain passive income from adoring fans. You just upload a content bundle once and your fans spin it for a long time.

A most efficient ting to provide for yourself

Fundraise your projects

Best for streamers and creators on

Get funds for the next big thing in your career!

Show your next creative goal, and your fans will invest in it. Top donator gets a prize from you: a special interaction, unique item, or a thank-you video.

Fundraising motivates your supporters
to donate up to 10X times more!

All in one

  1. Free to use.
  2. We earn only when you earn.
  3. Fraud chargeback protection.
  4. Full privacy for you and your fans.
  5. Works
    in 80 countries worldwide.

Join tingz. It’s for you and your fans.